Networks and Phones

All WAN, LAN, WIFI & Voice services

Dansoft has partnership agreements with most voice and data carriers, and thus can offer best pricing and best services. We can build complete infrastructure in new buildings or new suites when required, as well as analyze existing infrastructure and use it as is or complement it with some devices or re-do’s of certain portions.

While many customers have had only an OK type of experience with VOIP systems, our superior networking engineering often results in high-fidelity quality of voice and among best in class up-time and performance.

We are a CISCO MSP (Managed Service Provider, meaning, not only will we design and set up an effective network for you, we will also provide the on-going management services as part of our overall cloud suite, thus explaining one factor why our overall suite of services is so low in cost, despite being so good in performance.

With our site-based firewalls and comprehensive cloud suite there’s no need for an MPLS network or T1 connections – simple Internet circuits will do, thus again contributing to an overall low cost of operation.

Our cloud-based telephony and contact center products provide high-fidelity voice quality and excellent customer experience. We also provide integration to CRM and other systems. Our telephony offers extension dialing throughout the organization and possibly also to specific sets you decide to embed with key business partners. Our phones are usually Polycom, though we can accommodate most market common VOIP sets.  Our services including setting up dialing plans, porting numbers, accommodating changes in personnel or sites as well as any other telephony need your business may have.

Our WIFI is enterprise-grade, with different locations all on the same network, such that when people roam between sites their devices is automatically recognized and accepted.

We deeply value the relationship our customers and local IT support teams have between them, and the investments our customers have already made in local-site infrastructure. If there’s no need we will not push our customers to replace local area networking, and definitely not replace their current IT support. Rather, we prefer to provide input and guidance and leverage existing relationships and investments, adding on pro-active monitoring and management, to increase resiliency and performance of the overall network.