The Cloud

Why Cloud?

Cloud allows you to avoid high capital investments in IT infrastructure and operate using devices such as thin clients, which are effective, inexpensive and last much longer than PCs or laptops.

A high-compliance cloud also allows you better resiliency against malware, including ransomware, allows you to share information even among different sites of your organization while the information is never exposed to the Internet, inexpensively and better meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, and last but not least – efficiently grow your organization.

Why Dansoft?

  • We bring IT to your executive leadership table.
  • We deliver key operational systems at low costs to boost business results.
  • Our high-compliance cloud is ideal for US healthcare, financial and government entities.
  • We specialize at securely migrating to the cloud without disrupting operations.
  • A one-stop IT-shop, including all on-site IT infrastructure and support needs.
  • We not only host applications, we also support them, including EHR systems such as NextGen.
  • Our cloud is among the most comprehensive in the industry, and we add customer-specific systems as needed.

The robust, agile, secure Dansoft Cloud offers your business unique benefits:

  • Your staff can work from anywhere that you and your customers need them to be.
  • Cloud-based systems offer much higher performance, safety, and security. Software and data run on state-of-the-art high performance equipment that is maintained 7×24, and you don’t have to spend a penny in capital investment for this benefit.
  • In the cloud, Dansoft keeps redundant servers, network equipment, and storage devices online to provide a rapid fail-over capability in the event of any unexpected system failure. This helps assure business continuity. Also, diesel backup generators are online to provide immunity to power blackouts, fire suppression equipment is installed, and 24×7 armed guards keep intruders away from the equipment.
  • Dansoft’s cloud enables your offices to use “thin client” computers instead of traditional PCs if you prefer. The differences are that thin client computers are less costly, far less vulnerable to security issues, require less maintenance, and store no data so they are more immune to data loss or compromise if stolen.
  • Are you using or considering various software-as-a-service offerings from different companies for your email, accounting, core business applications, data analytics, customer relationship management, websites, customer portals, and online staff training? That’s a good idea EXCEPT for one very important factor: Work-flow integration. Dansoft uniquely offers all of the above services in one centralized Cloud environment, which enables and facilitates work-flow integration across applications. Also, having all data centralized hugely speeds up the transmission of data from one application to another.